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As Jay writes:

There’s something about round numbers, even if they don’t actually represent anything particularly special.

Were she alive, our mother: Faye [Avrunin] Hurvitz, would be 100 years old today [in 2013]; one day before the winter solstice.

i'm a Scientest

Faye Hurvitz wearing her “I’m a Scientist” button

For someone as modest (about herself) as she, she has quite a presence on the Web and not only at our family sites. In honor of the date, I collect some of them here.

On what would have been her 4th Yahrtzeit:

Faye Avrunin Hurvitz ז”ל

At Jay’s Boidem

Community as Place
…and “Push Technology”

Her role in publishing books:

…which has entered the academic discourse

At the Jewish Women’s Archive photo collection about mothers

Faye Hurvitz (middle row; right) among the Jewish Women’s Archive project Jewish Mothers: The Way We Were, The Way We Are.

When doing a Google search for Ruth Seid (AKA Jo Sinclair), the first image presented is of these two young women as high school friends (a photo scanned and posted on the original Davka site, and the sixth page listed is the one published here in 2001 where that photo appears.

and more.

in her honor

Today, I’m wearing her button.

i'm a scientist

I’m a scientist… Let’s experiment!

Date: 1970s
Size: 5.6
Pin Form: clasp
Print Method: celluloid
Text American Association for the Advancement of Science
Let’s experiment!
Science Books & Films

your lapel buttons

Many people have lapel buttons. They may be attached to a favorite hat or jacket you no longer wear, or poked into a cork-board on your wall. If you have any laying around that you do not feel emotionally attached to, please let me know. I preserve these for the Jewish people. At some point they will all go to an appropriate museum. You can see all the buttons shared to date.

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