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on the importance of questions

In my hag­gadah, after we recite the Four Ques­tions, I have a page that begins:

The eldest reads:

Nobel Prize win­ning physi­cist Isador Isaac Rabi’s moth­er did not ask him: “What did you learn in school today?” each day. She asked him: “Did you ask a good ques­tion today?”

When our chil­dren went off to school I made sure to sug­gest that they ask good ques­tions.

So how many questions do I have?


This page is devot­ed to some of them. I have many ques­tions scat­tered through­out this site. I’ll do what I can to col­lect them here.

was there a “Jewish Book of the Dead”?

which finger of the Yad points?

was Hillel, a Tai Chi master

what places have been called

  • Lit­tle Jerusalem”
  • The Jerusalem of…”
…and based on what criteria?

what does Reform Judaism say about “ol malchut shamayim”?

why do we break the middle matzah?

what is Jewish food?

when did the braided egg bread become the “universal” Jewish “challah”?

who was a “shabbos goy” growing up and how did it affect who they became?

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