who do you know named Cyrus?

honoring by naming people

I often think that an indi­ca­tion of how hon­ored a per­son is can be deter­mined by how many peo­ple are named after him/her.

For some rea­son Alexan­der is a more com­mon name than Cyrus.

There must be more, but the only one who comes to mind is Cyrus Gor­don (ז“ל).

Along the same lines, I’ve long been curi­ous as to what time in Jew­ish his­to­ry Jews stopped nam­ing their sons Ish­mael. After all, his name was not uncom­mon in the ear­li­est rab­binic peri­od: the orig­i­nal’s name­sake gave his name to the 13 hermeneu­ti­cal prin­ci­ples. Aside from the past hun­dred years or so (when it seems pret­ty obvi­ous), why did this name drop out of Jew­ish usage?

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