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As Jay writes:

There’s some­thing about round num­bers, even if they don’t actu­al­ly rep­re­sent any­thing par­tic­u­lar­ly spe­cial.

Were she alive, our moth­er: Faye [Avrunin] Hurvitz, would be 100 years old today [in 2013]; one day before the win­ter sol­stice.

i'm a Scientest

Faye Hurvitz wear­ing her “I’m a Sci­en­tist” but­ton

For some­one as mod­est (about her­self) as she, she has quite a pres­ence on the Web and not only at our fam­i­ly sites. In hon­or of the date, I col­lect some of them here.

On what would have been her 4th Yahrtzeit:

Faye Avrunin Hurvitz ז“ל

At Jay’s Boi­dem

Com­mu­ni­ty as Place
…and “Push Tech­nol­o­gy”

Her role in pub­lish­ing books:

…which has entered the aca­d­e­m­ic dis­course

At the Jew­ish Wom­en’s Archive pho­to col­lec­tion about moth­ers

Faye Hurvitz (mid­dle row; right) among the Jew­ish Wom­en’s Archive project Jew­ish Moth­ers: The Way We Were, The Way We Are.

When doing a Google search for Ruth Seid (AKA Jo Sin­clair), the first image pre­sent­ed is of these two young women as high school friends (a pho­to scanned and post­ed on the orig­i­nal Davka site, and the sixth page list­ed is the one pub­lished here in 2001 where that pho­to appears.

and more.

in her honor

Today, I’m wear­ing her but­ton.

i'm a scientist

I’m a sci­en­tist… Let’s exper­i­ment!

Date: 1970s
Size: 5.6
Pin Form: clasp
Print Method: cel­lu­loid
Text Amer­i­can Asso­ci­a­tion for the Advance­ment of Sci­ence
Let’s exper­i­ment!
Sci­ence Books & Films

your lapel buttons

Many peo­ple have lapel but­tons. They may be attached to a favorite hat or jack­et you no longer wear, or poked into a cork-board on your wall. If you have any lay­ing around that you do not feel emo­tion­al­ly attached to, please let me know. I pre­serve these for the Jew­ish peo­ple. At some point they will all go to an appro­pri­ate muse­um. You can see all the but­tons shared to date.

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