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breathing and the א of revelation

a Zoom-enabled med­i­ta­tion cir­cle Dur­ing this time of the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic “shel­ter­ing at home” Cen­tral Syn­a­gogue in Man­hat­tan has been main­tain­ing a Zoom-medi­at­ed dai­ly med­i­ta­tion prac­tice. A dai­ly call-in med­i­ta­tion prac­tice and a lit­tle Torah to help relieve stress and cen­ter the … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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let me count the (w/d)ays The peri­od between Pesach and Shavuot was one of seri­ous ten­sion in ancient Israel. The bar­ley har­vest began at Pesach and the wheat har­vest end­ed near the time of Shavuot. More was at stake dur­ing … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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#blogexodus : future (tweet #torah at sinai)

aim­ing toward the future How do I long for Your pres­ence? Let me count the days: הִנְנִי מוּכָן וּמְזוֻמָּן לְקַיֵּם מִצְוַת עֲשֵׂה שֶׁל סְפִירַת הָעֹמֶר. Hin’ni muchan um’zuman l’kayem mitz­vat aseh shal s’firat ha’Omer. I am ready to move from free­dom … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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…the real thing?

can you speak for 3 min­utes on any sub­ject? Ear­ly in our stud­ies at rab­binic school, one of our class­es intend­ed to make us bet­ter pub­lic speak­ers. Our instruc­tor was Hol­ly­wood actor Stan­ley Wax­man. He would often assign us the task … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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be תורה

tweet #torah to the top as we gath­er @ sinai I have been “on” (or using) Twit­ter since Jan­u­ary 2009. I don’t use it much social­ly, but rather edu­ca­tion­al­ly and polit­i­cal­ly. I don’t share where I am, how I’m feel­ing and what I’m … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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