can an aipac supporter explain this one?

aipac gives koch a pass for flouting iran sanctions

I know that Emer­son said: “A fool­ish con­sis­ten­cy is the hob­gob­lin of lit­tle minds, adored by lit­tle states­men and philoso­phers and divines.” But, I don’t this is an issue of fool­ish con­sis­ten­cy. I’d like some­one to explain if they feel dif­fer­ent­ly.

alex seitz-wald, news report:

Ear­li­er this month, Bloomberg report­ed that Koch Indus­tries had been flout­ing U.S. sanc­tions with Iran when the com­pa­ny sold mil­lions of dol­lars of petro­chem­i­cal equip­ment to the Islam­ic Repub­lic over sev­er­al years. But the pow­er­ful pro-Israel lob­by group AIPAC — which has for years been one of the most vocal pro­po­nents of tougher sanc­tions on Iran — has giv­en the con­ser­v­a­tive mega-cor­po­ra­tion a pass for deal­ing with the coun­try.

a bit more ben smith at politico, aipac acquits koch on iran:

UPDATE: There are in fact two AIPAC mem­os, iden­ti­cal except for the pas­sage about Koch. The first went to the Hill sev­er­al days ago, and it spec­i­fies Koch as a bad actor; the sec­ond seems to clar­i­fy the first, mak­ing clear that the issue isn’t Koch, it’s the pol­i­cy. An AIPAC spokesman declined to com­ment on the two mem­os, and on what had prompt­ed the change.

what does aipac have to say?

A search of the AIPAC site shows no results when search­ing for Koch, but 282 results when search­ing for Iran.

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