Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • #Torah Haf­tarah I Kings 19:12 “a soft mur­mur­ing sound” Lis­ten atten­tive­ly to the spaces between. Even *they* are char­ac­ters in the 140. #
  • RT @DavidBenAvraham: @rabbibird: “who the heck: Phineas?” In #Torah *trans­la­tions* \ per­fect­ly good Eng Pinchas=Translit #
  • RT @FoundationStone: How many real­ly know how Eli­jah rose up to heav­en? // “Swing low, sweet char­i­ot, comin’ for to car­ry me home.” #
  • Back fr CSA. Off to hear R. Zoë Klein read & sign her nov­el Draw­ing in the Dust. Then Dam­rosch Park for danc­ing… NYC! #
  • RT @rabbiart: HaShem’s covenant of peace > Pin­chas in #Torah not reward, but for­give­ness & sup­port for a trou­bled soul… could be. // amen! #
  • RT @rabbibird: Don’t know what 2 say bout Renew­al; don’t want 2 b called move­ment, can’t imag­ine why not? || I remem­ber when Recon did not #
  • RT @rabbibird: @reb­mark var­i­ous ways: IMHO If insti­tu­tion they self-define as move­ments so they r. || Glad xch­ng ideas; bt you dn’t fllw me #
  • #Torah Are var­i­ous ways of being Jew­ish “streams” “move­ments” or per­haps “fla­vors”? #
  • RT @SecyClintonblog: Keep the pres­sure on to stop the geno­cide in dar­fur: #
  • RT @Mivasair: won­ders who actu­al­ly is read­ing this — if you are, would you please some­how let me know? || What next? more worth read­ing! #
  • RT @metapastor: mul­ti­plic­i­ty of lan­guages, won­der­ful vari­ety instruct­ed me since I was a boy. instruct­ed me and dis­qui­et­ed me. Mar­tin Buber #
  • RT @AngelaWilson: @RMarkNis­us Is there track changes in Nis­us? [not yet] Auto tabs on return? [as text edi­tor? pls clrfy.] #

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