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some sayings of ר‘משבצונה“ל

For many years I have worked hard, and struggled with mastering virtuous. Now, in addition, I’m working on becoming more virtual.
This is an expression of that effort.
* * * * * * *

השיבנו ה‘ אליך ונשובה חדש ימינו
כעוד לא היו
* * * * * * *
ומביא גאלה…

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All photographs are by Mark Hurvitz unless they are obviously not (or credit otherwise is given).

The photos in the banner at the top (only a shallow sliver of a much larger photo) are either from our home or our travels and are offered for their beauty alone (though a brain-teaser for me: "Where was that?").

Hillel the Tai Chi master

was Hillel a Tai Chi master?

Two geeks with whom I once worked (both of whom used to be graduate students in linguistics: she’s now a software engineer, he’s freelance writer on computer (Macintosh) subjects (and the computergeek who helped me being my site)) independently studied Tai Chi in their spare time (they were single at the time).

Now and then I would see them standing in one an others office with one foot off the ground.

I asked them about this and they explained that this is the "basic" Tai Chi posture. You are to balance as though a rope holds you up through the center of your body.

I told them of Shammai, Hillel and the Ger and their faces lit up in appreciation.

Long ago I recall a comment by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (then only Schachter) to the effect that Shammai was a master of the Zen Koan.

Could Hillel have been a Tai Chi master?