#blogelul : faith

what does it mean to have faith?

When someone produces the same lapel button for competing candidates, all that individual is interested in is the dollar. So encouraging us to [have?] faith in either candidate from the 2008 presidential election is very odd.

Is faith something you can have in someone? We say: “I have faith in you.”

Is faith something that…? As in: “I have faith that….”

how do you understand faith?

faith mccain 2008

faith 2008 john mccain

Date: 1970s
Size: 7.62
Pin Form: clasp
Print Method: celluloid
faith obama 2008

faith 2008 barak obama

Date: 2008
Size: 7.62
Pin Form: clasp
Print Method: celluloid

what is “#blogelul”?

My friend and colleague Phyllis Sommers has thought of yet a new creative way to prepare for Rosh haShannah. You can learn more here.

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your lapel buttons

Many people have lapel buttons. They may be attached to a favorite hat or jacket you no longer wear, or poked into a cork-board on your wall. If you have any laying around that you do not feel emotionally attached to, please let me know. I preserve these for the Jewish people. At some point they will all go to an appropriate museum. You can see all the buttons shared to date.

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