Some significant dates:

Sto­ries about these dates will appear in the blog as time per­mits. Most dates list­ed here use the Gre­go­ri­an cal­en­dar, though I enjoy using, and liv­ing by, the Hebrew cal­en­dar as much as pos­si­ble. I do this not out of “nation­al­ist” or “parochial” inter­ests, though I’m cer­tain they play some role. Rather, I do this because I like feel­ing both the solar and the lunar cycles in my life.

What time is it?

some clocks

Clock requires Netscape

note: clock runs for 30 sec­onds; it may skip sec­onds; to restart click reload

attrac­tive moon phase ani­ma­tions

Moon Phase


a the­o­ry on the ori­gin of the sev­en day week

I’d hoped to find a way to dis­play Swatch Inter­net time here, but have not found the code.

Some use­ful Hebrew cal­en­dar tools on the Web

An Islam­ic to Chris­t­ian cal­en­dar con­vert­er. Note that they use “Chris­t­ian” and not “Gre­go­ri­an”. With the tools above, it’s a two-step process to con­vert a date from the Hebrew cal­en­dar to the Islam­ic cal­en­dar.

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