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What would you do?

statue of maimonides in cordoba, spain

stat­ue of mai­monides in cor­do­ba, spain

Mai­mon­des’ “Hil­chot Teshu­va” (The Rules of Repen­tance) is avail­able at Mechon Mam­re: הלכות תשובה. It was trans­lat­ed from the Hebrew and post­ed at scribd by Rab­bi Yaakov Feld­man.

You can read an excerpt and intro­duc­tion at My Jew­ish Learn­ing:

If a man trans­gress­es, wit­ting­ly or unwit­tingly, any pre­cept of the Torah, whether a pos­i­tive pre­cept or a neg­a­tive, and repents and turns away from his wrong­do­ing, he is oblig­ed to con­fess his sins to God, blessed be He. How does a man con­fess his sins? He says: ‘O God! I have sinned, I have com­mit­ted iniq­ui­ty, I have trans­gressed before Thee by doing such­-and‑­such. Behold now I am sor­ry for what I have done and am ashamed and I shall nev­er do it again.’ What con­sti­tutes true repen­tance? If the sin­ner has the oppor­tu­ni­ty of com­mit­ting once again the sin­ful act and it is quite pos­si­ble for him to repeat it and yet he refrains from so doing because he has repent­ed‑-for exam­ple, a man cohab­it­ed unlaw­ful­ly with a woman and, after a time found him­self alone with her again and he still loves her and is still as healthy as ever and it takes place in the same province in he had pre­vi­ous­ly sinned with her and yet he refrains from repeat­ing the transgression–he is a true pen­i­tent.…

maimonides was born here (at the time it had neither a number, nor the electrical cables)

mai­monides was born here (at the time it had nei­ther a num­ber, nor the elec­tri­cal cables)

What did Mai­monides do? Hoo hah!

maimonides left spain from these waters at cádiz

mai­monides left spain from these waters at cádiz

what would maimonides do…

…and, more impor­tant: what should we do?

Addi­tion­al mate­ri­als that help pre­pare for ראש השנה & יום כפור are avail­able in the side­bar on the right. For exam­ple, how many dif­fer­ent ways can you respond to the litany of the al ḥet?

what would maimonides do?

what would mai­monides do?

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your lapel buttons

Many peo­ple have lapel but­tons. They may be attached to a favorite hat or jack­et you no longer wear, or poked into a cork-board on your wall. If you have any lay­ing around that you do not feel emo­tion­al­ly attached to, please let me know. I pre­serve these for the Jew­ish peo­ple. At some point they will all go to an appro­pri­ate muse­um. You can see all the but­tons shared to date.

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