#blogexodus : (learning from) the signs

the signs

We each need to learn dif­fer­ent things at dif­fer­ent stages of our lives.

Pharaoh was unwilling to release his labor supply.

Pharaoh thought him­self a god. He believed he could do what­ev­er he want­ed to with indi­vid­u­als or entire peo­ples. He need­ed to learn the dif­fi­cult les­son: there exists a Source of Pow­er beyond the self.

A series of signs appeared, trans­for­ma­tions of the expect­ed world the Egyp­tians had come to take for grant­ed. Some of these signs altered the nat­ur­al realm, oth­ers shift­ed social inter­ac­tions. Our Bib­li­cal text and ancient rab­bis expressed these signs as though they occurred on a plane beyond human involve­ment. Today, we under­stand that we need to take an active role in the world we encounter, and in our own trans­for­ma­tion.

In either case, whether affect­ed by humans, divine or a com­bi­na­tion, our redemp­tion could not take place with­out a strug­gle.

What do I need to learn now at this stage of my life? Am I attentive to the signs about me?

what is “#blogexodus”?

My friend and col­league Phyl­lis Som­mers has thought of yet a new cre­ative way to pre­pare for Peasach. You can learn more here.

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blog­ging the exo­dus

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