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some sayings of ר‘משבצונה“ל

For many years I have worked hard, and struggled with mastering virtuous. Now, in addition, I’m working on becoming more virtual.
This is an expression of that effort.
* * * * * * *

השיבנו ה‘ אליך ונשובה חדש ימינו
כעוד לא היו
* * * * * * *
ומביא גאלה…

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All photographs are by Mark Hurvitz unless they are obviously not (or credit otherwise is given).

The photos in the banner at the top (only a shallow sliver of a much larger photo) are either from our home or our travels and are offered for their beauty alone (though a brain-teaser for me: "Where was that?").


my questions

As I write in my haggadah:
Questioning is a sign of freedom, and so we begin with questions.
Does every question have an answer? Is the ability to function without having all the answers one more stage of liberation? Can we be enslaved to an obsessive search for the answer?
I collect them here.

…be Jewish?

For over 25 years I taught the Introduction to Judaism course offered by the UAHC/URJ in New York, New Jersey and in San Diego.
I think that being Jewish is a wonderfully exciting way to live. Some people approach and wonder if they can do it too. For many years I taught a course that suggests some of the hows and excitement of becoming and being Jewish.

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