#blogexodus : plagues (a word search puzzle)

make room in your haggadah/seder for the younger people:

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#blogexodus : (the cup of) redemption

the second cup — the cup of redemption — כוס גאולה

Think of each cup of wine as a toast to the generations of our people who committed themselves to the struggle for liberation in their own day.

With the second cup of wine we recall the second promise, the second stage, of our redemption, the actual […]

#blogexodus : freedom — braiding three strands

a braid of three strands

There are many possible modes for understanding the events retold in the Pesach Haggadah.

Of these, three are braided together so that, if we concentrate exclusively on any one of them, we diminish the special qualities of the entire story.

By participating in the symbolic actions built into the order of the Seder,
we […]

#blogexodus : slavery — shapes, colors, sounds

shapes, colors and sounds of slavery
make room in your haggadah/seder for the youngest:

what words, shapes, colors and sounds do you imagine when you think of slavery?

#blogexodus : cleansing (waters of miriam's well)

the cleansing waters of miriam’s well
What follows is the ritual I have used at my seder since the mid 1990s.

Before the Seder begins I fill the bottom quarter of a large pitcher with slices of orange (and often sprigs of mint) then fill the remainder with ice cubes. Once you can no longer put in […]

#blogexodus : (learning from) the signs

the signs

We each need to learn different things at different stages of our lives.

Pharaoh was unwilling to release his labor supply.

Pharaoh thought himself a god. He believed he could do whatever he wanted to with individuals or entire peoples. He needed to learn the difficult lesson: there exists a Source of Power beyond the self.

A […]

how do I cleanse my life of chametz?

rabbi meir shmuel ben tzipporah v’nechemia halevi [ר‘משבצונה“ל] teaches:

Judith came in from the fields where it appeared as though the whole community was out harvesting the new grain crop. The rains had ceased and the ground had dried enough to enable them to walk through the plants and collect the ripened sheaves. The stone house […]

#blogexodus : getting beyond the straits and narrow

how could so many people leave at one time?

Amazingly, in our own day we have already forgotten that “Hundreds of thousands of… refugees streamed homeward…” [Rwandan refugees; James C. McKinley Jr. of The New York Times in the Los Angeles Daily News. Saturday, November 16, 1996.] Refugees all over the world seek shelter and comfort.

And […]