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Not "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral." Yes, in those categories, everything can be reduced to their lowest common denominator of "atoms." And on the computer we can consider it all just "ones" and "zeros." Nonetheless, here I've gathered materials I've produced that are generally associated with "text" "visual art" and "music."


When in high school and college I was a music major. I have had a long and deep interest in music of all kinds. We grew up with “folk music” in the house. We lived not far from the KFAC broadcasting antenna and when I got a crystal radio the only station I could pick up was that one. At the time the station played only classical music. I would go to sleep with the earphone on, or hanging directly above, my pillow listening to the opening strains of Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto No.1 in B-flat minor, Op. 23 which was the theme music of “The Gas Company Evening Concert”. I credit this with my interest in Western Classical Art music.

Here I’ll share thoughts about music and some of the music that has been important in my life.


Discussions are just that, collections of ideas organized in a coherent manner. Some of these are quite brief, others have more depth.

I highlight access to one below.


Since the late sixties I've "composed" works for groups. A very few are musical compositions. Most are textual readings.

I highlight access to one below.


I once delivered sermons, but rarely now. I continue to collect what I've written here.


Here I make available the works of others that I believe should see the light of a cathode ray tube (with whom I may or may not agree).

The Jewish Left

Very little has appeared online that deals with the activities of the Jewish left during the 1960s. I try to make up for that lack here by reporting on what I did with my peers in the Los Angeles area. All of this material, and more, will be available at appropriate archives soon.

A Growing Haggadah

I edit and print a Haggadah every year (and have done this for the past 20 or so). This year (5757), for the second year, I have updated and taken much (if not most) of the printed version and posted it here. This version differs from the printed version in a variety of ways. The electronic version can change at any time. You can read it both linearly and hypertextually. The hypertext links connect various parts of the Haggadah and they also lead out from the Haggadah to the rest of the WWW. The printed version is static and only changes annually. I designed it for linear reading at the Seder.

The Haggadah (the 5756 edition) was written up in "Judaism on the Web" by Irving Green, 1997, MIS:Press, New York.


I collect here some personal attempts to respond.


I don’t do much with the visual arts. However, I enjoy taking photographs and I make an annual Rosh haShannah Greeting card.





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