Conference for Jewish Action

Though our paths may have crossed earlier, the first time I remember meeting Debbie was at a conference sponsored by the Jewish community in Los Angeles over the weekend of May 9 - 11, 1969 (where R. Paul Saiger (then a student at HUC in LA) also attended). While it was called a "Conference for Jewish Action", one of its purposes was to help college attending Jewish youth to deal with "Arab propaganda on campus" following the Six Days War. One of the outgrowths of the conference was the Jewish Radical Community of Los Angeles (but, more on that some other time).

I still (believe it or not!) have the roster of those who attended. Jay and I distributed a questionnaire (completed questionnaires were saved in the garage at 3909 Burnside Ave. until Mom moved to Poway, at which time I sent them to the American Jewish Archives) regarding sources for radical Jewish attitudes among Jews. Victor Kane (now a Conservative rabbi in Washington state (?)) burned his Tallit as a statement of protest (like burning a draft card). Morele Bar-On was there along with Paul Jacobs. Quite an event, I'd say.