Rosh haShannah Cards

Since 1996 I have used a portion of my summer (at one time at camp (Swig or Newman)) to produce a linoleum block (or other visual). Each block represents a verse from classic Jewish texts. Initially, (usually) these texts were from the book of Psalms, but now they range much more widely. Each text becomes a mini visual midrash.

I collect them here for your viewing pleasure.

Psalm 16:8 57571996For a new year of peace
Psalm 113:3 57581997May the year 5758 bring blessings of peace from east to west...
Isaiah 45:7 57591998May the year 5759 bring blessings of peace in both light and darkness.
Psalm 119:1 57601999May the new year 5760 bring blessings of peace as we continue on our way.
Psalm 92:13 57612000May justice... and with it peace flourish in the new year 5761.
Psalm 90:12 57622001May we gain hearts of wisdom, so that the year 5762 will be one of peace.
Psalm 118:19 57632002May acts of righteousness in the year 5763 open the Golden gates of Mercy and lead to a world of peace.
Proverbs 3:17b 57642003May all our paths in the coming year 5764 lead us toward peace.
Sifra to Psalm 18:11-12 and Siddur: Ma'ariv: Hashkiveinu 57652004May our efforts in the year 5765 spread clouds of glory as we build true tabernacles of peace.
Lamentations 3:52 57662005May our endeavors in the year 5766 release all that threatens to ensnare us, giving wing to a world of peace, blessing and joy.
[In memory of Faye (Faigie, Fannie (Avrunin)) Hurvitz Tzipporah bat Meir v'Jannah 21st of Tevet 5674 - 8th of Tammuz 5765; December 20, 1913 (the winter solstice) - July 14, 2005]
Leviticus 25:10 57672006May our endeavors in the year 5767 proclaim liberty throughout the land, creating a world at peace.
Psalm 118:5 57682007May our voices spread from the narrow places to the broad spaces calling for justice and peace in the year 5768.
Psalm 118:22 57692008In our efforts to build a world at peace may we see the potential in every stone.
Leviticus 19:10b 57702009As we gather our share in the new year may we live in a world of plenty and of peace.
Pirei Avot 1:2 57712010May we secure our world on a foundation of learning, service and deeds of loving-kindness.
Genesis 1:1-2 57722011May our efforts in the new year bring new creation out of chaos.
Psalm 130:1b 57732012May our voices reach up from the depths to achieve a world of wholeness and peace.
Deuteronomy 30:13 57742013May our efforts in the New Year bring a world of wholeness and peace closer to us.
Psalm 23:5b 57752014May our efforts in the New Year overflow with goodness and help create a world of wholeness and peace.
Psalm 27:9a 57762015May the new year be a time of honesty with ourselves and full presence with one another, bringing us closer to a world of wholeness and peace.
Siddur : Kedushat haYom 57772016With purified hearts may our honest efforts build a world of justice and peace.
Psalm 1:3 57782017May we plant ourselves by sources of sustenance and use those sources to build a world of peace and plenty.
Mishneh Torah, Blessings 10:16; based on Genesis 9:11 57792018May we strengthen our covenantal relationships as we reflect and reinforce the love of a caring universe.

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©Mark Hurvitz