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Dad (Nathan Hurvitz) would have been tickled to see these:



Nate Hurvitz of USC business school and Cal Tech!

Robert Hurvitz is a senior at UC Berkeley. He wrote this story at the request of a friend who was in severe pain and 2,000 miles away. He has previously appeared in both InterText and Quanta. Not much is happening in his life at the moment, but he hopes this will change soon.

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Yair Hurvitz was born in 1941 in Tel Aviv, where he lived all his life. He made his living as a typesetter and proofreader. Known as one of the "Tel Aviv poets" centred around the literary journals Achshav and Siman Kriah along with Meir Wieseltier and Yona Wallach, he published several volumes of poetry. His special affinity for Scottish verse led him to translate and anthologize Scottish poetry. He died of heart failure in 1988.

Carole Hughes Hurvitz, M.D., Director of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, CSMC, Professor of Pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine.

Sandy Hurvitz
The Origin of Uncle Meat; How and Who was first called Uncle Meat? It was Sandy Hurvitz. You may remember that she had an album produced by Ian Underwood called "Sandy's Album is Here At Last" in the mid-late 60's (1967?).

Adam Hurvitz
"Cagedead" by Simon Jeffes and Adam Hurvitz is a spatial requiem for the late composer John Cage.

But I'm told that this is a misspelling and Adam is not a Hurvitz. This was, however, how I found the Haas CD Dor l'Dor which I've since heard played as background music on NPR.

George S. Avrunin
whose research interests include Analysis and verification of concurrent and distributed computer systems; real-time computer systems; cohomology and representation theory of finite groups

J. S. Avrunin
Co-author of "Refining intensive care unit outcome prediction by using changing probabilities of mortality."

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