Messianic Jews, Jews for Jesus - A Bibliography

This is a bibliography put together in December 1996 by Rabbis Roderick Young, David Adelson and Jennifer Krause. It is intended to help people understand, and guard against, the troubling phenomenon of those Jews who leave Judaism by converting to a particular brand of Evangelical Christianity that its adherents call "Messianic Judaism." It is not a definitive bibliography, but is a good beginning for those who want to make a serious study of "Messianic Jews."


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We published it with a caveat (and, I almost lost the editorship because of it (the material, not the caveat)... thanks to Richard and others who stood up for us): "Due to the controversial nature of some of the articles contained herein, this issue of DAVKA is copyright 1972."
Partial contents:

  • Adler, Rachel, The Concept of Messiah in Jewish Tradition
  • Mitchell, Elichai & Shira Lindsay, Jews do Believe in Jesus
  • Garber, Zev, The synoptic Jesus: A Jewish Approach
  • Rembaum, Rabbi Joel, A Polemic by Rashi Against Christian Theology
  • Mitchell, Janet B., Going Home
  • Levy, Rabbi Richard N. Passion & Passivity: Three Musical Crucifictions
  • Bruce, Lenny, A Jew (from "The Essential Lenny Bruce")
  • Meltzer, David, YHShWH
  • And my own editorial, which I later put Online explains some of the thought behind the materials published
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    © Rabbis Roderick Young, David Adelson and Jennifer Krause, June 19, 2003

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