Using this Haggadah as a Teaching/Learning Tool

I've done some searching to find links relevant to issues and ideas mentioned in the Haggadah. They appear woven throughout the text of the online Haggadah. Where appropriate, the button links to the page of the Haggadah, otherwise the button links out. The number in brackets is the date [yymmdd] the item was added.

Much more exists than what I have here; I made an editorial decision about what I found interesting, unique, special and would serve as door-openers to further exploration.

This is a subject organized list of them. It exists as much for me to be able to check currently active links as it does for others to be able to use the Haggadah.

Passover materials

ORT's Pesach pages

Lights In Action Passover links

Learn about the holiday

Passover in Rome.


The Anonymous Haggadah

Chabad's Haggadah collection/bibliography

A Congregational Haggadah

Haggadah for the Liberated Lamb

The Howard Rheingold Family Haggadah

An Interactive Haggadah

The Parnes Haggadah

The Red Sea Haggadah

Temple Emanuel's Virtual Seder

Uncle Eli's Haggadah

The Zevach Pesach Haggadah

Rabbi Amy Scheinerman's Haggadah pages

The Sarajevo Haggadah

A Word of Art

Child-centered Passover Haggadot/stories of John Kador

Inside the Haggadah, the Four Questions get special mention

Lights In Action four Questions

Four Questions of Meloncholy : Poems by Tomaz Salamun

Four Questions the Kidlink Response

As do the Four Personalities

Steve Gindi's interpretation

Ascent Pesach

How some Christians use the Haggadah

Lutheran guidelines for the use of the Passover Haggadah

Perparing for the Seder


Wine (see internally for multiple links)

A menu for the Seder meal

Ideas and Issues mentioned in the Haggadah

Bioethics and the Passover Lamb


Jewish Women jokes

Miriam's Well

The Plagues

Righteous Gentiles



Shoa' library online

Mahomet-Seymour Junior High School Holocaust Project

Mutual Aid and Self-Help Groups [970404]

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Terror in Israel


Connecting with Jewish communities and organizations



Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

Conservative Judaism

Ethiopian Jewry

Hashomer Hatzair


Jewish Agency For Israel

Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation


KTAV Publishing House

Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger

Orthodox Union

Peace Now

"Soviet" Jewry

Syrian Jewry

Temple Adat Shalom

Union of American Hebrew Congregations

Interesting people mentioned in the Haggadah

Albert Einstein

David Daube

Isidor Isaac Rabi

Jay Hurvitz

Joe Kissell

Loren Madsen

Martin Neimoller

Ron Arad

Tools used to prepare the Haggadah

Adobe PageMill

Apple Computers, Inc.

Apple Language Kits

Aridi Web Clips

Nisus Software Inc.

Panergy Ltd.

Other links

The City of Poway

"Judaism on the Web"

Haggadah and Liberation

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Last modified on 24 January, 2001