From my own collection.

Some interesting Haggadot appear on line.

An introduction to Pesach by ORT the Organization for Rehabilitation and Training. This has extensive links to Pesach activities and beautiful reproductions of graphics from a wide variety of Haggadot.

Interested in paying $37,000.00 for a Haggadah?

Uncle Eli's Haggadah may get printed.

The Parnes Haggadah.

It makes sense that Howard Rheingold, who wrote the book about virtual communitities has his own Haggadah on line.

Congregations now produce their own Haggadah sites.

  1. Temple Israel of Wetport, CT has begun the process.
  2. Temple Emanuel in New York City will host a "Virtual PASSOVER SEDER on-line April 3, 1996". To find out more of what that means check it out.
  3. Rabbi Amy Scheinerman has put a variety of instructional materials online as well as the text of a family Haggadah.

The independent student movement Lights In Action has a number of interesting Passover links.

The Anonymous Haggadah is based on the Twelve Steps program.

The Jewish Communication Network has published an interactive Haggadah, you can add your own comments.

Laurance Wieder, the author of five books of poetry, and six other volumes including Chapters into Verse: Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible, and The Poets' Book of Psalms also has The Red Sea Haggadah available.

You can order a copy of the Sarajevo Haggadah CD-ROM online.

I've had difficulty getting to A Word of Art (a feminist haggadah).

You can learn about the holiday.

See how Italian Jews celebrate Passover in Rome.

John Kador has posted a few child-centered Passover Haggadot/stories.

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