Davka claims to explore those problemsd which cast thier weight on the hears and minds of Jewish people. The articles submitted by students, teachers, rabbis and other concwerned people may sometimes anger the reader, bring tears or laughter, or simply provide some ideas to think about. It is our hope that the thought provoked by the contents of Davka will give diretion to our individual struggles for self realization and provide a forum from which we can examine our collective identty and destiny as Jews.



Davka, being a vehicle for ideas from various sources and presenting differing points of view, carries no full time ideological passengers. The views printed in Davka are not necessarily shared by the editor and staff. We welcome rebuttals to individual articles and invite the reader to contact us for further references



Each edition of Davka will deal with a different issue of Jewish interest. Starting wth "The Ills of American Jewry", we hope to present new ideas and approaches to Jewish life. Issue number two wil present an overview of alternative "Jewish Life Styles" both here and in Israel. Seminars will be orgainzed around the themes of each issue. The participants will be given the opportunity to express their feelings and views in Davka.


Vol. 1 No. 1 November-December 1970


Tables of Contents [covers and editorials to come]


Vol. I, No. 4


Vol. II, No. 2