Psalm 118:5

May our voices spread from the narrow places to the broad spaces
calling for justice and peace in the new year.


(Linoleum cut produced by Mark, September 2007 with conceptual assistance by Avigail & Noam)
Producing the card was a difficult this year, with all the changes and moves. The image itself is not as successful as I would have hoped. Avigail and Noam helped me come up with something that would work. And then later, after I'd made the cut I had another, better, idea that might work (for some other year).
Periodically, the text and the image relate to something in my life.
This one seems to reflect that as well. I sent off the collection of vinyl recordings that have sound "hidden" in the narrow grooves. Then we left the narrowness (at least in some respects v'haMeivin yavin) of Southern California, experienced the narrowness of the Nile River Valley, passed by the Straits of Gibraltar and have settled in the narrow canyons of Manhattan. ©Mark Hurvitz

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