Faye Avrunin Hurvitz

21st of Tevet 5674 - 8th of Tammuz 5765
December 20 1913 (the winter solstice) - July 14, 2005

Our mother, Faye Hurvitz, died on July 14, 2005 (8th of Tammuz 5765).

Three months earlier, Mom suffered a debilitating stroke. Until that time she lived a full and gratifying life, and throughout her 91 years enjoyed very good health.

Mom was a loving mother who in return was much loved by her children and grandchildren, and by the many friends she made throughout her life.

She was a great communicator, yet felt that she didn't do enough to let other people know what they can do to bring about peace - especially peace in the Middle East. She was always quick to ply friends and acquaintances with information about the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation in Israel, an example she believed showed how small steps can make a big difference.

Mom's funeral took place on July 18, at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary in Los Angeles. She was buried next to her husband of 43 years, Nathan Hurvitz.

Contributions in her name may be made to the Givat Haviva Education Foundation:

114 West 26th Street Suite 1001

New York, NY 10001

Her family:

  • Anne, Nora
  • Avigail, Noam
  • Eitan, Nadav, Hila


Debbie's Eulogy.

Jay's Eulogy.

A few photos from before Mom was born till when she was still a baby.

To celebrate her 88th birthday we posted a bit about Mom's High School Graduation.

Throughout their married life our parents collected graphics that depict Jewish life of Eastern Europe before the Sho'a. Shortly after Dad died, Mom arranged to have the collection of graphics they had assembled contributed to the Judah L. Magnes Museum in Berkeley, California. The museum mounted an impressive show called Shtetl Life and published a wonderful catalog by Florence Helzel that included small reproductions of each of the items in the Hurvitz Collection.

Faye Hurvitz and Push Technology

A couple of years ago, as part of a class assignment, Avigail prepared some family history materials. This page, From Margin to Mainstream in Difficult Times, 1924-1945 is fairly self explanatory.

When we were children Friday nights after our Shabbat celebration, we'd change into our bed clothes and climb into bed. Dad would sing us lullabies. When Avigail was born I asked Mom and Dad to prepare a tape of the songs they sang so I could have their voices singing for her. They prepared a list and procrastinated. After Noam's birth and Dad's death I put more pressure on Mom. She prepared a list, collected the songs, wrote her script in shorthand, then typed that up and finally recorded a tape. Our kids listened to it for a number of years then it joined the many cassette tapes in the drawer. I found it a couple of years ago. Noam digitized it, broke it into tracks and we made a CD of it with a label using the photo on this page. Each of the grandchildren now has a copy of the CD. Mom enjoyed listening to it herself when she went to sleep... singing lullabies her husband sang her children which she then sang for her grandchildren. This was one of the CDs she enjoyed listening to most in her final months.

Thank you for all your expressions of condolence.

posted July 27, 2005

Last Updated September 13, 2005