From Ehyeh, A Kabbalah for Tomorrow, by Arthur Green

What does it mean to "find God" in a moment of suffering? To find God is to change perspective, even when the reality of suffering itself cannot be changed. It is to allow a chance for the deep force of healing that comes from a level of consciousness beyond our control or knowledge to work its magic on us. This healing may take the form of accepting what cannot be changed, of coming to terms with a new situation. That in itself can be an important step forward. The kabbalists also teach that one can always uplevel a human situation, lifting it to its root within God. In doing so the pain may be sweetened. Previously unseen sparks of light, precious bits of divinity that had been covered over by the pain, may be discovered. As we restore these to their root in the single One, a glimpse of possible transformation may be given to us. (pp. 141-142)