(text: Morris Rosenfeld, music: Leo Lyov)

O, ir kleine lichtelach
ir dertzeilt geshichtelach
maiselach on tzol.
Ir dertzeilt fun blutikait
beryeshaft un mutikait
vunder fun amol!

Ven ich ze aich shminklendik
kumt a cholem finklendik
ret an alter troim
Yid, do host gekrigt amol
Yid, do host gezigt amol
Got, dos gloibt zich koim!

O, ir kleine lichtelach
ayere geshichtelach
vekn oif main pain
Tif in hartz bavegt es zich
un mit trern fregt es zich
vos vet itzter zain?


Oh, you tiny candlelights,
what stories you can tell,
stories without end.
You tell of many blody deeds,
of bravery and skill,
of wonders long ago.
When I see you twinkling bright
a dream arises brilliantly,
a dream of long ago.
Jews, there were battles you waged,
Jews, there were victories,
all so hard to believe.