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As Jay writes:

There’s something about round numbers, even if they don’t actually represent anything particularly special.

Were she alive, our mother: Faye [Avrunin] Hurvitz, would be 100 years old today [in 2013]; one day before the winter solstice.

Faye Hurvitz wearing her “I’m a Scientist” button

For someone as modest (about herself) as she, she […]

pirkei imahot

I am not the first to use the phrase, but beginning on March 15, 2000 I began a file in which I collected our mother’s sayings. I will periodically share them here. One of her primary expressions was:

if you can’t say anything nice about someone,
don’t say it

It’s that simple.

Our mother was not a learned person. […]

the boy and I

the boy with his hands raised

As I mentioned here on April 10, when I was in my early 20s, I tried to imagine the life of the boy with his hands raised being led from the Warsaw Ghetto. I spent months with him, I kept his image before me daily. I looked into his eyes, […]

Hiroshima 広島市 Day ☮

The first nuclear weapon “Little Boy” was dropped on the city of Hiroshima on Monday, August 6, 1945.

nuclear disarmament lapel button

calling for nuclear disarmament then

I have a clear memory from long ago, sometime around 1959: walking with my family down Hollywood Boulevard, somewhere near Vine. We were part of a demonstration calling for […]

Faye Avrunin Hurvitz ז

…from the archives (with minor updating), reposted on what would be her 4th Yahrtzeit

Faye Hurvitz celebrates her 90th birthday a bit early with her family gathered, August 2003

21st of Tevet 5674 – 8th of Tammuz 5765
December 20 1913 (the winter solstice) – July 14, 2005

Our mother, Faye Hurvitz, died July 14, 2005 (8th of Tammuz […]