Fake News vs. Truth a case of Goliath vs. David

Is Fake News vs. Truth a case of Goliath vs. David?
Once we knew one truth

Over forty years ago, Rabbi Richard N. Levy wrote a paragraph that entered the Gates of Prayer Siddur. I quoted from it in a sermon during the Clinton impeachment hearings that dealt with “what is truth”.

Once we learned one truth, and […]

#blogelul : counting


the numbers’ game
[Note: not all of the buttons used to illustrated this game represent the concept expressed in the numbers; some are used because they display that number.]

The children played by the shore, allowing the ball to bounce lightly on their finger tips before they popped it over to the other side of the line. […]

esther’s song

purim in november

On Thursday night, November 19, 2009, Debbie and I went to see the opera Esther at the New York City Opera in Lincoln Center.
The opera, the last one by composer Hugo Weisgall is based on the biblical Book of Esther. It uses the basic storyline (with some modifications in the sequence […]

The People of the…

We have been called a People of the Book for nearly 1400 years. We did not invent the term. It was given to us (as well as to Christians) by our cousins the Muslims. Nonetheless, even as our technologies move us beyond the physical book, the text remains. We return to the text that has […]

Which is the fast…?

[cross posted at the Jew and the Carrot and at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism].

The prophet Isaiah asks (58:6-7):

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the fetters of wickedness, to undo the bands of the yoke, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? […]

weaving together fringes of Jewish life“?">What is the meaning of:
weaving together fringes of Jewish life“?

Do you wear a Kippah and/or Tzitzit?

On September 24, 1996 I asked my rabbinic colleagues… in particular, those who wear Kippot (and request/require the students in their congregations to wear Kippot when either studying or entering the synagogue), whether they wear Tzitzit as well, and if not, why.
My original question was not so much about […]

20th Century Jewish Cultural Hero

I collect (American) Judaic lapel buttons.
I have approximately 3000 unique items. Each one represents a different moment in the American Jewish experience.
Periodically I share them here.

As the “Che franchise” continues to grow, few other culture heroes (meant metaphorically) seem able to compete for public attention. Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s it was […]

Let My People Go!

Nisan, the month of our liberation

Actually, the complete phrase is “Let My people go… that they may serve Me.” from Exodus 5:1.

It is interesting how the phrase has been used (and abused).

Exodus and Liberation

When you check the phrase in the Wikipedia you learn not only, what you had know as a child, that the phrase […]