Pro­duc­ing con­tent on the Web since 1995.

some say­ings of ר‘משבצונה“ל

For many years I have worked hard, and strug­gled with mas­ter­ing virtuous. Now, in addi­tion, I’m work­ing on becom­ing more virtual.
This is an expres­sion of that effort.
* * * * * * *

השיבנו ה‘ אליך ונשובה חדש ימינו
כעוד לא היו
* * * * * * *
ומביא גאלה…

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All pho­tographs are by Mark Hurvitz unless they are obvi­ously not (or credit oth­er­wise is given).

The pho­tos in the ban­ner at the top (only a shal­low sliver of a much larger photo) are either from our home or our trav­els and are offered for their beauty alone (though a brain-teaser for me: “Where was that?”).


What is “how”?

In my orig­i­nal sta­tic site I imag­ined this as a sec­tion where I would store a vari­ety of how-to-do things:

  • How I build this site
  • how I cook

it has not worked out quite as I imagined.

I expect that I will take the small amount of mate­r­ial here and cre­ate new pages as blog entries that can be tagged for more sim­ple discovery.

Some tools used at this site:

I am indebted to many peo­ple who have helped me learn a new artis­tic lan­guage. Most of all Joe Kissell, the gen­er­ous host of my ear­lier site on “”. I have also learned a tremen­dous amount by the seat of my pants cre­at­ing the site of Nisus Soft­ware Inc.

I started, under Joe’s tute­lage learn­ing a bit of raw html (in Nisus Writer) when I cre­ated the first edi­tion of the Hag­gadah (now archived). Since then I’ve learned to use PageMill (ver­sions 2 and 3) as well as GoLive (ver­sion 3) (tools which no longer exist.) Now I’ve come full cir­cle. I use those fancy tools for explor­ing some design fea­ture and then edit the code in Nisus Writer.

More recently I began explor­ing other tools:

  • Free­way
  • Dreamweaver

but I only use Coda and Word­Press itself.
I am com­fort­able enough with code to be able to write a decent amount directly. In fact, I write the code for most of what appears in this new site, or copy and mod­ify it from the old sta­tic materials.

how i cook

© Mark Hurvitz
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