#blogexodus : (learning from) the signs

the signs

We each need to learn different things at different stages of our lives.

Pharaoh was unwilling to release his labor supply.

Pharaoh thought himself a god. He believed he could do whatever he wanted to with individuals or entire peoples. He needed to learn the difficult lesson: there exists a Source of Power beyond the self.

A series of signs appeared, transformations of the expected world the Egyptians had come to take for granted. Some of these signs altered the natural realm, others shifted social interactions. Our Biblical text and ancient rabbis expressed these signs as though they occurred on a plane beyond human involvement. Today, we understand that we need to take an active role in the world we encounter, and in our own transformation.

In either case, whether affected by humans, divine or a combination, our redemption could not take place without a struggle.

What do I need to learn now at this stage of my life? Am I attentive to the signs about me?

what is “#blogexodus”?

My friend and colleague Phyllis Sommers has thought of yet a new creative way to prepare for Peasach. You can learn more here.

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