which jews…?

I found this image on a crazy anti-Zion­ist site:

Which ‘Jews’ do you believe are the descen­dants of the bib­li­cal ‘Israelites’?

to which I answer:
All are Jews! I am not a racist.

The site may also be anti-Semi­t­ic, it sure feels that way, but I’ve not had a chance to study it thor­ough­ly.

What is Zion­ism?
Zion­ism is the nation­al lib­er­a­tion move­ment of […]

the electronic leaflet

from prayer­book to leaflet

I have been involved in writ­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing leaflets at least since 1966 when our fam­i­ly com­posed a leaflet [text] we dis­trib­uted in front of our congregation’s Yom Kip­pur obser­vance call­ing atten­tion to the war in Viet­nam.

The Hurvitz Family’s Yom Kip­pur Leaflet call­ing for an end to the war in Viet­nam (1966)

Dur­ing […]