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some say­ings of ר‘משבצונה“ל

For many years I have worked hard, and strug­gled with mas­ter­ing virtuous. Now, in addi­tion, I’m work­ing on becom­ing more virtual.
This is an expres­sion of that effort.
* * * * * * *

השיבנו ה‘ אליך ונשובה חדש ימינו
כעוד לא היו
* * * * * * *
ומביא גאלה…

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All pho­tographs are by Mark Hurvitz unless they are obvi­ously not (or credit oth­er­wise is given).

The pho­tos in the ban­ner at the top (only a shal­low sliver of a much larger photo) are either from our home or our trav­els and are offered for their beauty alone (though a brain-teaser for me: “Where was that?”).

do candles have feelings?

Sun­day night, Decem­ber 13, with the staff of Hazon, I had the plea­sure of expe­ri­enc­ing (and meet­ing) Yis­rael Camp­bell. He has a one-man show (performance/stand-up rou­tine) now play­ing at the Bleecker Street The­ater (near HUC-JIR).

The New York Times gave it a pos­i­tive review.

You can watch a vari­ety of videos of Yis­rael on YouTube and even (inter­spersed with some commercials) […]

how much is any life worth?

redeem­ing prisoners

The value of פדיון שבויים‎ (Pidyon Shvuyim, the redemp­tion of pris­on­ers) is very impor­tant in Jew­ish life. Mai­monides states that it takes prece­dence over sup­port­ing the poor or cloth­ing them… because the prob­lems of the cap­tive include those of the poor: being hun­gry, thirsty, unclothed, and they are in dan­ger of their lives.

an entire world?

Tal­mud […]