do candles have feelings?

Sunday night, December 13, with the staff of Hazon, I had the pleasure of experiencing (and meeting) Yisrael Campbell. He has a one-man show (performance/stand-up routine) now playing at the Bleecker Street Theater (near HUC-JIR).

The New York Times gave it a positive review.

You can watch a variety of videos of Yisrael on YouTube and even […]

how much is any life worth?

redeeming prisoners

The value of פדיון שבויים‎ (Pidyon Shvuyim, the redemption of prisoners) is very important in Jewish life. Maimonides states that it takes precedence over supporting the poor or clothing them… because the problems of the captive include those of the poor: being hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and they are in danger of their lives.

an entire […]