esther’s song

purim in november

On Thursday night, November 19, 2009, Debbie and I went to see the opera Esther at the New York City Opera in Lincoln Center.
The opera, the last one by composer Hugo Weisgall is based on the biblical Book of Esther. It uses the basic storyline (with some modifications in the sequence […]

steve’s song

jews and judaism in american elite culture .01

On Sunday evening, November 8, 2009 I attended “Steve Reich Talks about his Jewish Music at JMF“. I was a bit surprised (after being told to reserve my free tickets in advance) that there were perhaps fifty people in the hall waiting to hear the words […]

swann song

jews and judaism in american popular culture .01
now, …with harvey and sheila!

There was a time, it feels strange to write this… a generation ago, when being Jewish was very “in“. The thing to be in America. Americans continue to, even increasingly, convert to Judaism in the 2000s. However, back in “The Sixties” some forms of […]