what do you put in your coffee?

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Pharisees of course

A Tiny Vial of Pharisäer

Ever-sensitive to appearances of Jewish references in popular culture, I was a bit surprised to read Maureen Dowd’s headline in The New York Times on Sunday, July 19, 2009: “Pharisees on the Potomac”

I did not see any mention of late antiquity […]

Hidden in plain sight

At the far east end of 47th Street in Manhattan, between 2nd and 1st Avenues a broad lovely park leads up to the United Nations complex of buildings on the East River. A farmer’s market is set up every Wednesday throughout the year.

a market and plaza to rally against genocide

This broad space is known as […]

hidden in plain sight (continued)

continued from hidden in plain sight

what are we hiding (from)?

As of this writing, the phrase “hidden in plain sight” appears in a Google search 142,000 times. It must refer to a wide variety of concepts and situations. How many things to we encounter and pass by that are as though they are hidden from us […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

#Torah Haftarah I Kings 19:12 “a soft murmuring sound” Listen attentively to the spaces between. Even *they* are characters in the 140. #
RT @DavidBenAvraham: @rabbibird: “who the heck: Phineas?” In #Torah *translations* \ perfectly good Eng http://tr.im/phnfg Pinchas=Translit #
RT @FoundationStone: How many really know how Elijah rose up to heaven? // “Swing low, sweet chariot, […]


Over the years I have been asked:

What kind of a rabbi are you?

To which I answer without hesitation:

A good rabbi!

And then my interlocutor stammers a bit and says:

No, no, what… oh, ah…. Are you…?

At which point I gently interrupt and say:


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

RT @RabbiYoung: Working on a weekend of America-themed teachings. Any suggestions? #whatrabbisdo \\ check http://tr.im/thnksgvngsrvc #
Off to Brooklyn to enjoy Prospect Park, ice-cream and chocolate… not to mention שבת with kids. Shabbat shalom! #
Chukat #Torah Death of Miriam. Disappearance of well (TB Ta’anit 9a). How to actively ritualize this in Seder? http://tr.im/mrymwll #
Why still […]